Launching The Connect Selling System

Hello, this is Mike Prewett with Century 21 Connect Realty and today is Monday, February 8th 2016.  I am very excited to announce to you today the launch of the CONNECT SELLING SYSTEM.

During my 28 years in Atlanta real estate, I have watched Realtors struggle with how to create a practical, effective system that allows them to build a strong real estate business and maintain a balanced life.  Too much of the training in our industry is either ineffective, requires the agent to become a software engineer, or is simply impractical in nature.  After the class is over, the agent is left with no plan of action that they could reasonably expect to implement.  Let’s face it…whether we “SHOULD” or not, many of us simply are not going to spend 3 to 4 hours every day cold calling consumers or, worse yet, actually knocking on doors.  Teaching a group of professionals tactics that you KNOW they will not implement and still charging them thousands of dollars for the useless & frustrating information is simply predatory.  I have watched for 3 decades as Realtors get frustrated with the lack of practical coaching that is available to them – much of it delivered by instructors who never achieved any level of high production themselves!  The Legendary golfer Lee Trevino had a saying…”I’m not taking a lesson from anyone who can’t beat me”.     Mr. Trevino had it exactly right…if you never achieved high production while maintaining a healthy balance in your life…please don’t try to coach me.

Over the past 10 years, I have averaged more than 500 closed transaction sides per year…working 5 days a week or less.  With our move to Century 21, my goal & passion now is to work with other Realtors to show them a practical way to do the same or similar.  How??? with my 7 step Connect Selling System.   This is the point in this message where you are waiting for the other shoe to fall…right?  How much does my book cost?  What’s the price of my webinar or other gimmick?  Sorry to disappoint you…but this doesn’t cost anything…other than your commitment to have an open mind and to learn some new skills.  There is no cost to participate in the program…this is my way of giving back to the industry and trying to help other Realtors not only grow their business…but do so with a priority to maintain balance in their lives.  I am not interested in any program that rewards the 24/7 agent…I really have no respect for those working 7 days a week.  I have used my experience of 28 years in Atlanta real estate and more than 10,000 closed transactions to create a system that allows you a practical way to close 30+ transaction sides a year and work 5 days a week or less.  If you are already closing more than 30 transactions  a year, you can use the program to take your business to the next level and create more personal time in your life.  Sound like a bunch of hype…well, I have done it and lived it.  Come join me and find out for yourself.

Our Connect Selling System sessions are held every Wednesday morning from 10:00am to 11:30am at my office in Roswell.  Just email me today at  to reserve your seat.  Each week we will cover a different area of the 7 step program.


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